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Homemade Manual Rolling Mill

Homemade rolling mill assembly

Kudelya workshop

There is almost nothing to describe in this mills. Initially the mills were classified into classes, designed for purposes as follows: rolling of filigree, for alignment and correction of sheet materials. But due to the fact I didn`t designed fancy shaped streams, these settings were then useful while rolling of materials for sculpting.
 I mean burnable plastics Super Sculpey, Fimo and Tsvetik (made in Russia). These solutions are suitable for sculpture clay. It will be convenient if there were 2-composites compounds of type Epoxy Putty, the proceed surfaces should be cleaned up and covered by plastics. I made different regulation for each side. Because, maybe will make cookies of different thickness :))
 But - to be serious – it makes construction easier.

Gap adjusting   Homemade rolling mill in action

In in-plant-made mills, there is a control option presented by toggle switch. Then, rotation goes through the gear – to both of shoulders. Here, each shoulder should be aligned individually. I have set of calibrated plates for this purpose, it makes selection issue not complicated.
 All the rest is shown on picture.
 This device has one disadvantage: Handle has to be rotate manually, device will be set on somebody`s edge of tables. It seems to be a little bit complicated – but it`s ok. Why should our life be so simple? :)


All components for manufacturing are shown in the drawings:
Drawing1, Drawing2, Drawing3, Drawing4, Drawing5.
In addition, you need the following items:
 - bearings Ή60029 D = 26 / 9- 2 pieces;
- a spring with a diameter of 15 mm and a length up to 30 mm-2 pcs.
All items and build order in the photo below. How to make the handle and beat two adjusting screws I leave for your consideration.