Lifting carriage drive machine
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Homemade minilathe


Drill bench – mini lathe

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Drive pulleys Drill
I`d like to provide you my variant of drill bench. This bench can be used not as a drill device only, but as a lathe also. For this you have to turn the device over on its back, using its small feets. This device can be used for drilling of small parts of wooden, plastic etc.
 Carriage is moving due to worm gear, its driving handle is coming on the right from base. On the base, worm gear is assembled also, providing gear grip from handle till carriage`s worm mechanism. Well, all the worms around only :) For sure, vertical stroke of carriage from torque of driving handle will be too small, but therefore it has more precision of feeding, and handle is easy to rotate :)
 Motor KD-50-2-y4. 220V, 60Wt, 2750 rpm. Connection plan is shown on placard.
 I used such parts as motor, condensers and pulleys - from old punched tape winder. Worm gear I used from old gage self-recorder.
 On the bottom where cover is dismantled – there is a hidden socket available. Because I had an idea to make switch on by pedal. It is useful sometimes, e.g. for winding up of filigree (please see the hook, on the top of shaft`s outcoming).
 Also, I planned to build driver from motor DPM, in order not to rotate handle, to put 3-positions toggle switcher (up-switch off-downward). You can also install removable support for lathe, like it is common on wooden processing plants. But now I have my drive finished, and I relocated this issue on deposit.
Homemade Drilling Machine
Drill bench assembly